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Surgical procedures are a serious undertaking for your pet. At Humane Vet Hospital of San Diego, our state-of-the-art technology and professional surgical team are ready for any emergency!

Pets brought to Humane Vet Hospital for surgery are housed in clean and sanitized kennels before being administered a preoperative sedative to help reduce pre-surgical anxiety. Before the surgery take splace, an intravenous catheter is recommended. This safety precaution allows the veterinarian to administer medications in a careful and expedient manner. With the IV catheter intact, a sedative is formulated for your pet’s weight, medical condition and breed. Once your pet is safely asleep, the veterinarian works quickly to install a breathing tube and monitoring devices for extra precaution.

During surgery, human-grade gas-inhalant anesthesia is used. We are very careful in providing pain medication before, during and after surgery for the comfort of your pet through the entire process. All pets are monitored using a pulse oximeter. When a surgery is completed, a technician remains with your pet until he or she is completely awake, making sure that all vital signs remain healthy and strong.

Recovery kennels are sanitized after each use and the complete post-surgery area is cleaned daily with an antiseptic. You are welcome to visit your pet at any time if you notify us ahead of time.