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Recognize Urgent Problems  

Prompt veterinary care gives your pet the best chance of a successful outcome and recovery. If you have a question about your pet’s health, don’t delay seeking veterinary care. Here are some indications and situations when you should seek urgent treatment immediately:

·  Unconsciousness

·  Bleeding in volume, or doesn’t stop, or from a body cavity

·  Foaming at the mouth

·  Hit by car

·  Seizure or Tremor

·  Unresponsive

·  Lethargic

·  Blue, purple, or pale gums or tongue

·  Cat open-mouth breathing

·  Ingestion of snail bait, rat bait, anti-freeze, pills, medications, vitamins, or any suspect substance.

·  Your pet has been involved in an animal attack

·   Bite wounds

·   Snake bites

·   Spider or insect bites

·   Poisonings

·   Paralysis

·   Respiratory emergency

·   Cardiac emergency

·   Diarrhea

·   Allergic reactions

·   Dehydration

·   Lacerations

·   Fractures

·   Burns

·   Heat and cold emergencies (heatstroke, excessive panting or salivation, shivering, etc.)

Fees and Payment

An emergency examination fee is applied to all emergency visits. The costs of any additional testing and treatments cannot be known prior to examination. Once the veterinarian assesses your pet, you will be informed about your pet’s treatment options, plans and estimated costs, to the fullest extent possible. Please share your questions and concerns regarding costs with veterinarian or technician before treatment begins. It is important that your emergency medical team clearly understands your wishes before any course of treatment is undertaken.

Full payment for the visit is due when your pet is discharged. Cash,  debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted methods of payment.