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At Humane Vet Hospital, our goal is to enhance the bond between pets and their owners through exceptional pet care. Many pets exhibit symptoms that require immediate attention but don't warrant an ER visit, and primary care clinics may not have the availability. Our animal hospital was established to provide pet owners with a quick, comforting, and comprehensive solution.

Since our opening in 2013, we have treated thousands of cats and dogs, and our services have evolved into a full-service veterinary clinic, offering our signature urgent care, as well as routine care such as wellness exams, vaccines, spaying/neutering, surgeries, dental cleanings, diagnostics and more comprehensive surgeries.

Our diverse range of services benefits both our clients and medical team. Our clients can typically get a same-day appointment when needed, while our medical team is able to learn, grow, and practice with diverse daily cases. Thus keeping the team engaged and constantly deepening their passion for veterinary medicine.

At the heart of Humane Vet Hospital, we are focused on the people, both our clients and our medical team. We strive to provide sustainable veterinary careers and exceptional medical care, which ultimately benefits everyone, especially with the increasing trend in pet ownership. Get to know the dedicated individuals behind us who work tirelessly to care for your pets below.

Veterinarinan Team



“The Humane Vet Hospital team is fantastic! they’ve shown consistency in the quality and kindness of the care they provide. They are a model for the industry”

– James, Sophie's Mom

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Our Values

The principles that motivate us to deliver superior medical care.

The love we feel for animals drives us to do our best — we’re not afraid to roll around on the ground with a pup, and we love the kitten snuggles and puppy breath that greet us each day. We work with initiative, positivity and warmth to bridge the gap between human and pet, focusing on wellness to keep a better, stronger bond — we know pets are family.

We’re knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about a better veterinary experience. We jump at the opportunity to help one another and seek out opportunities to make the clinic cleaner and more effective, and our culture more collaborative and joyful. We’re all in this together — our team, pet owners, and the animal — and our success as a team hinges on us all doing our best.

We speak up, we do what we say, and we’re transparent and honest. We value clear, simple communication, and we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of animal health and commitment to better care.

We all bring a happy, positive attitude to work because it impacts the energy in the clinic and our relationships with clients. Our work is demanding and emotional, yet even in the darkest times, we bring positive energy and compassion.

We’re building a new kind of vet experience, and we approach care with a fresh perspective to do right by each pet. We take pride in the role we provide in pet care, and every team member is empowered to try new things and own their decision-making.

We’re obsessed with pets
We work as a team
We communicate clearly
We work happy
We're empowered

Our deep affection for animals inspires us to constantly strive for excellence. Whether it's playing on the ground with a playful pup or enjoying the affectionate snuggles of a kitten, we are dedicated to building a strong connection between pets and their human family. We approach our work with a positive attitude and warm demeanor, always striving to promote wellness and strengthen the bond between pet and owner. To us, pets are more than just animals - they are an integral part of the family.

With a wealth of expertise, a friendly demeanor, and a passion for improving the veterinary experience, our team is dedicated to providing the best possible care. We embrace every opportunity to help one another and work tirelessly to make our clinic more efficient and effective, creating a collaborative and joyful work culture. We believe that the success of our team is built on the collective efforts of everyone involved - our team, pet owners, and of course, the animals themselves.

We are vocal, accountable, and transparent in our actions and words. Our priority is clear and straightforward communication, and we are proud of our extensive understanding of animal health and our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional care.

Our team radiates positivity and happiness in the workplace, as it sets the tone and influences the overall atmosphere of the clinic and our interactions with clients. Despite the challenges and emotional demands of our work, we maintain a bright and compassionate outlook, even during difficult times.

Our goal is to create an innovative and improved veterinary experience, where we approach every pet with compassion and a fresh outlook. We take our responsibility in pet care seriously, and encourage our team to take initiative and make decisions with confidence.